Noticias Y Opinión

Preparing the content ecosystem for the future

- Michel Beke

Banking on an open architecture and leveraging new technologies, Broadcast Management Platforms should enable innovative solutions to be implemented with the speed and flexibility this age requires. As published on IBC365 Sept. 2019.

Bringing an ecosystem view to the IP era

- Peter Heinckiens

How do you make processes more efficient and responsive, while keeping a tight grip on quality, costs and complexity, asks MEDIAGENIX CTO and head of product Peter Heinckiens. As published on IBC365, Sept. 2019.

The Challenges of localizing global content


(English) Interview by Kurt Michel with Joe Fregoso,  MEDIAGENIX Director of Business Development, Americas as published in OTT Executive Magazine, Volume 9, Issue 3 – Summer 2019

Keeping rights relevant today and tomorrow

- Tom Donoghue

Interview with Tom Donoghue, Business Development Manager MEDIAGENIX, by Jim Bottoms, Director MESA Europe, at the MESA Content Rights Workshop in London on 9 May 2019.