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Mireille Coudron in HR Square: «We question ourselves from Sociocracy principles»

11 de abril de 2019

Interview in HR Square 189, April 2019, written by Timothy Vermeir, pictures by Hendrik De Schrijver

Translated extract:

“MEDIAGENIX has long been a company where everybody gets involved in everything, the knowledge resides in people’s heads and decisions are made around the kitchen table so to speak.
But with time we had kitchen tables in several parts of the world, and our ways needed to grow more formal.
The challenge was to preserve our agility, self-government and authentic leadership throughout our growth while building up an organisation that has the ground rules in place to take the right decisions and keep exacting customers around the world delighted.
Sociocracy 3.0 gave us a platform on which to build that collaboration framework.”

Here is the complete article, in Dutch.




Mireille Coudron

VP People²

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