Senior Technical Architect

  • Role: Product Development
  • Commitment: Fulltime
The mission of this awesome tribe at MEDIAGENIX is to enable renowned public and commercial radio and TV stations, on-demand platforms, OTT streamers and telcos to bring content to the viewer with our broadcast management system called WHATS’ON.

Do you love a good, invigorating challenge? We invite you to plunge into the media business, a world in a constant state of flux. Add a rapidly changing tech environment, and what do you get? Life in the fast lane: leveraging state-of-the-art technologies and architectures to innovate the next-generation media business. You are the architect whose vision and knowhow will ensure that our solutions give our customers a competitive edge in this era of disruption.

Your challenge

  • As senior technical architect in a team of like-minded souls you design and implement software architectures, in close contact with the internal stakeholders and interacting with customers.
  • Closely following the latest trends in your field, you develop innovative projects. You see the big picture and steer the architecture, design and development, from initial concept to technical delivery, complete with tests.
  • You manage, coach and co-ordinate a team of software engineers. You are their point of contact and you assist them daily in the development of the desired solution. This way you also help them rise to the next level.
  • You give accurate technical advice to colleagues and customers.

Our wishlist

  • With a proven track record as technical architect and extensive knowledge of development methods, technologies, architectures and standards (Java and Web), you take projects in hand and get things moving with a clear and mature vision on your role.
  • It has become a second nature to you to design and implement complex systems.
  • You address new projects and challenges with zest and cast-iron nerves, always eager to learn.
  • You have a clear view on the technical risks and you anticipate with strategies to mitigate them.
  • With your ability to think and reason on an abstract level, you analyse stakeholder requests with great accuracy, come up with a tailor-made solution, and succeed in selling it to the team.
  • Agile software development holds no secrets for you.
  • You have experience with coaching a team and steering people with communicative flair.

Our offer

  • We offer a competitive salary, including many benefits.
  • MEDIAGENIX cares for its employees and therefor offers a healthy work/life balance.
  • You grow = We grow! We assure the development of your talents and continuous coaching and support.
We are a human-centered employer, we speak up, dare, share and keep promises made. Interested in joining the tribe?

When you are enjoying content on TV, radio, smartphone, tablet or PC, you are also watching the works of the team that helps put that content right there. The mission of this awesome tribe is to enable renowned media companies worldwide to bring content to the viewer in the most efficient and future-proof way.

Our customers include public and commercial radio and TV stations, on-demand platforms, OTT streamers, telcos and their service providers.  BBC, Discovery, Disney, Viacom, ... they all go for growth in this excitingly fast-paced media world.

To help them grow, we deliver innovative software solutions—on premise or web-based in the cloud—that optimise the life cycle of their content across channels and services. These modular solutions constitute the most advanced and efficient backbone for media operations, streamlining the content supply chain from acquisition over planning, scheduling and rights management to publication and beyond.

The state-of-the-art technologies we use, our agile development methodologies, the transparent way in which we collaborate as a team, and the inspiring co-creation with our customers have taken us to the top of tech vendors in the international media world. Join us on this magnificent journey.



Groot-Bijgaarden, Flemish Region, Belgium