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Ésta página es solamente en Inglés ya que éste es nuestro idioma común de trabajo.


Thanks to the MEDIAGENIX ALUMNI COMMUNITY, you stay in touch with your former colleagues. The experience you gain and relationships you build while working for MEDIAGENIX accelerate your career and bring new opportunities. Join the MEDIAGENIX ALUMNI COMMUNITY to be informed, get involved and stay connected!


The MEDIAGENIX ALUMNI COMMUNITY keeps you connected to all the things you loved about working with us: the learning, the teamwork, the networking and – of course – the people.


We are a community of Alumni who share a common experience of having worked at MEDIAGENIX. Be it product managers, software engineers, functional analysts, marketers, business developers, etc…


Highlight Number 1

Get back in touch with your former colleagues and take a walk down memory lane together!

Highlight Number 2

Participate in MEDIAGENIX events and gain access to Community member-only events and announcements.

Highlight Number 3

Stay on top of the latest industry buzz.

Highlight Number 4

Find out how nice it is to work here now and be the first to discover new job opportunities; for you or your network!


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