mar 29

Consolidation & WHATS’ON: a match made in the Cloud

29 de marzo de 2018

Judging by the recent mergers, acquisitions and vertical integrations, there are more drivers behind the accelerated consolidation in the media market than increasing efficiencies: the scuffle for more leverage in negotiations over exhibition rights, for instance, or the struggle to secure content production or distribution channels.

Another reason why media operations are seeking scale is to take maximum advantage of technological developments. Apart from the shift from hardware to software, we see that even MAMs, Playouts and Airtime Sales Systems are starting to move to the cloud.

The content-centric set-up of WHATS’ON, enables media companies to install one single workflow for both VoD and Linear usage.

MEDIAGENIX recently merged multiple regional WHATS’ONs into one WHATS’ON instance. Data was migrated in multiple stages, region per region, into one database in the cloud, and every button and every dropdown in the system was synced to the requirements of the different regions.

A similar trend emerges to centralise all content ever produced or bought in a global content management system in the cloud, ready to be shared by channels and platforms across the globe. As the media assets in WHATS’ON each contain all video, audio and subtitle files for one item of content, the content can be shared by all channels in whichever regions, and each channel automatically receives the content in the right (language) version. The content-centric set-up of WHATS’ON, enables companies to streamline media operations and install one single workflow for both VoD and Linear usage.

The vision is to share content worldwide with consolidated media integration, and WHATS’ON is all set to play a key part in this endeavour.

Original picture used for the banner : Clouds by Kurdistann / CC BY

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