jul 12

The manager behind your screens

12 de julio de 2018

The July 2018 edition of Trends, the Flemish ecconomics and finance magazine, features an interview with MEDIAGENIX CEO Dirk Debraekeleer about our new Americas office in Fort Lauderdale and the fact that MEDIAGENIX is reinforcing the team with 30 new members to support ongoing international growth.

As the article is obviously in Dutch, here are some highlights in English:

  • Streaming platforms are causing the market for Broadcast Management Systems to boom. Brussels-based MEDIAGENIX is joining in the rush and expanding in the US and Singapore. The company is looking for 30 employees to keep up with this growth.
  • Over-the-top broadcasters like Netflix offer new opportunities. “Instead of making the distinction between linear or non-linear programming, we use the content as a starting point. Our software package now has more than 20 modules. It’s comparable to the business management packages from SAP, but customized for media companies,” says Dirk Debraekeleer.
  • The media scene is becoming a hybrid model. “Traditional broadcasters are developing non-linear offerings while on the other hand, video-on-demand and over-the-top players, are launching linear channels. Before you know it, you’re talking to Disney about games.”
  • “One of the reasons for our success is focus. The lack of distraction is one of the reasons that MEDIAGENIX is taking the lead.”
  • “At the moment MEDIAGENIX has 180 employees and we will be ending the year with almost 200. We want the organisation to grow, but with the right mentality.»
  • «An important strength of MEDIAGENIX is our drive, our entrepreneurship. Our organisation is completely flat. Our plan in the coming 2-3 years is to become a worldwide player.”

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