Apr 12

Winning in OTT, a supply chain view

Monday April 12th, 2021

A 15-minute presentation on OTT strategy and maximizing Content ROI by VP Product Management Ivan Verbesselt at ABU DBS 2021


Watch the recording:

Read the abstract for a quick impression:

 OTT has succeeded in combining two level playing fields: broadband internet on the distribution side and consumer electronics on the consumption side. This has led to an incredible simplification of operations and harmonization in technology. OTT has removed the entry barrier, enabling all players in the content world to go direct-to-consumer.

For each and every one of these players, the currencies of OTT success are the same:

  1. Consumer relation
  2. Granular handle on content
  3. Consumer & ecosystem data

In the end, everyone has the same goal — maximizing Content  ROI — and achieving this goal always boils down to bringing the right content to the right audience at the right time through the right channel.

Single source of truth

This brings us to the notion of the content supply chain. What makes the ‘brick & mortar’ supply chain in e-commerce so much smarter and smoother than current content supply chains in the media industry? It is end-to-end connected metadata.

This requires establishing a single source of truth around content, rights, and scheduling that percolates all the way down through your supply chain and connects your media strategy to the planning plane, your planning plane to the execution plane, and your execution plane back to your strategic plane.

Augmented intelligence

In the meantime, continuing changes in viewer behaviour, and the increasing micro-segmentation of content and audiences are triggering a proliferation of channels. We are confronted with augmented complexity. And augmented complexity calls for augmented intelligence.

MEDIAGENIX has embodied this in Scheduling Artist, a suite of AI tools that seamlessly integrate augmented intelligence capabilities into the scheduling workflows of the end-to-end content supply chain. Scheduling Artist is based on what we call the flywheel of data: Unlocking the data throughout the end-to-end workflows and applying BI tools and smart analytics to it leads to insights; distilling these insights into AI algorithms leads to augmented intelligence. Augmented intelligence helps human experts capture the DNA of content, which goes way beyond formal content metadata. It is also about context and intent.

Automated scheduling of micro-segmented and personalized channels

Today, Scheduling Artist offers capabilities for rating predictions and scheduling recommendations, which culminate in automated scheduling. Already, off-peak schedules can be generated in seconds. This opens perspectives for scheduling the mushrooming, micro-segmented OTT / streaming channels, and future Spotify-like personalized channels.


Also read “The challenges of entering the OTT space”.


Ivan Verbesselt

VP Product Management

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