Feb 17

“This transformation is a mix of planning and flexibility.”

Monday February 17th, 2020

In an interview with HR Square magazine, MEDIAGENIX Chief of Staff Veerle Verspille talks about what she calls the ‘existential transformation’ MEDIAGENIX is currently going through. She explains the changes that are taking place and how the organization facilitates them, which involves a great deal of co-creation and engagement.

The highlights:

  • “We question the strategy that has successfully brought us where we are today, to blaze a new trail.”
  • “During an existential change it is key to put a clear change vision across. We have an internal and external communication approach running in parallel.”
  • “We don’t start off with a detailed change plan that spans over several years. There is enough room for midcourse adjustments. A new plan starts among other things from the learnings from the previous plan. It is a matter of constantly launching pilots. You learn from them, and only then do you take the next step. Co-creation plays an important part.”
  • “Tools help to keep the change programme on course, but they are very light and never a purpose in themselves. They are means to continuously align people with each other.”

Read the complete article (in Dutch).

Veerle Verspille

MEDIAGENIX Chief of Staff

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