May 18

Joe Fregoso for Produ Live: “The flexible modularity of WHATS’ON caters to specific needs and budgets, big or small.”

Monday May 18th, 2020

Watch the complete interview (in Spanish).


In an interview streamed by Produ Live, Joe Fregoso Senior Business Development Director Americas for MEDIAGENIX, talks about the flexibility of the WHATS’ON platform as it caters to the needs of both international multimedia corporations and local broadcasters and OTTs.

MEDIAGENIX develops software for programming and distributing content across multiple platforms, services or channels – whether for OTT, DTC, Linear or VOD – providing answers to the complexities of daily operations.

”WHATS’ON  adapts to everyone’s needs and budgets”, says Joe Fregoso. “Although we are mostly known for what we do for global companies, we are also implementing solutions for small operations. We recently installed WHATS’ON for a small OTT service, for instance. One of the great strengths of MEDIAGENIX is that although our platform is comprehensive and complex as a whole, it is implemented as a modular solution. This means that we analyse the specific needs and determine with which modules we can optimize the client’s workflows. We have done that for a small cooking channel in Belgium, for instance. It is true that we work for global media operations, but we also provide specific solutions for smaller operators, which often have even bigger needs.”

Optimum rights management at the centre of media operations

The new developments in WHATS’ON focus on the optimal use of the inventory (rights), and high-quality schedules and content workflows. The surge in the number of channels, services and platforms and the ensuing battle for the attention of the viewer, have put optimum rights management at the centre of media operations. Rights descriptions evolve constantly and turn ever more complex as they deal with new business models, new competitors and new viewer behaviour.

Joe Fregoso: “Now that the old paradigm in media operations is changing, it is very important to have a partner like MEDIAGENIX. We learn from the experience of more than 100 clients worldwide, and this enables us to future-proof our platform.”

The automated off-peak scheduling solution by MEDIAGENIX is  a case in point. It optimizes the quality of linear schedules, and drastically reduces the human effort. Schedulers can finetune which criteria they find most important for a high-quality schedule. They might for example want to minimize the cost of the content or they might want to maximize the predicted ratings. The tool leverages an advanced machine learning model that will evaluate and optimize how to continuously improve the interpretation of these dimensions.




Joe Fregoso

Business Development Director Americas

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