Manage your catalog of content

With the cloud-native web app Rights Out your company acquires extra power to close and manage deals selling your content to the world.

Rights Out enables your commercial department or distribution unit to

  • manage a catalogue of content that can be distributed or (sub)licensed, connected to the WHATS’ON content repository
  • select content in the catalogue, with a clear vision of the distribution rights that you own
  • propose it to the market, or at request of a potential customer, and define clearly the licensed rights, conditions, pricing
  • be warned about conflicts with your own exploitation right and the already sold rights
  • process the actions to be performed in order to conclude a deal: clearing rights with actors, archives, rights owners
  • finalize the deal via a deal memo document that will officialize the agreement
  • manage the costs and revenue distribution to the various parties involved
  • manage the material flow between the parties

With RIGHTS OUT broadcasters manage a catalogue with a clear overview of avails. This catalogue gets its real time data from the WHATS’ON content repository. Users can select content in the catalogue with a clear view on the distribution rights, propose it to the market or at request of a potential customer, defining the licensing rights, conditions and pricing. They are warned about conflicts with their own exploitation rights and with rights that have already been sold.

As is, the app is used in connection with Broadcast Management Platform WHATS’ON by broadcasters who want to license own (co)productions or sublicence unused broadcast rights. In time the scope will be extended.

A quick tour

The catalogue lists all the titles you can sell. Click a title and you see the distribution rights, which specify how you can sell these titles, e.g. as TVoD or SVod in Australia the first half of 2020. You can do quick searches (e.g. a movie, drama …) and filter down.

Selecting the titles you want to sell you can create an offer and fill in information such as customer or deadline. You see the requests you have received.

In the offer you enter the license rights. Let’s say you want to sell a series or a number of episodes for TVoD starting next month in the UK and Japan. You sell it exclusively, for say 10,000 euros. Just fill it in.

If you need to clear the rights for a music piece, for instance, you create tasks and monitor the progress. You can add rights holders and the corresponding revenue shares. Also important is that you can add different costs.

You can filter down on an overview of all the offers that you have been working on, and you also have a repository of contacts. Those are the contacts that appear in the drop down list when you started typing.


Cutting through complexity and eliminating time consuming and error-prone chores, broadcasters will find more time to close more deals and optimize this key revenue stream.

Rights Out is the solution for you if you

  • want to have a quick and clear view on the titles that you can sell, but the information is scattered over multiple sources;
  • want to be sure that rights are cleared and all material is physically available when you licence catalogue titles;
  • want to comply with agreements and avoid litigation, no matter how many parties are involved and how complex it gets;
  • tend to lose track of communication around proposals, deals and sales;
  • find it time consuming to follow up tasks, and complex to manage conflicts and clashes in licences and rights with so many parties involved;
  • are tired of copying data from the scheduling system, Excel sheets or paper documents;
  • feel you could make more deals if only the information was consolidated in a central place;