Finding your way through runs and reruns

Contracts can be very complicated, and many properties on the contract need to be taken into account to know which runs and free reruns are available for planning on linear and on-demand.

That is why in WHATS’ON the information from the linear and on demand schedule is evaluated with the contract entries with all the exploitation rights and restrictions to offer users a condensed view on the available content. The available rights store information about runs and free reruns that are available for a chosen channel, period or service.

Designed as a browser to show this content, the Available Rights Catalogue gives the user a clear view on what is available for planning when and where.

As the Available Rights Catalogue is available from all planning applications in WHATS’ON (the continuity plan, transmission plan and transmission assistant) and immediately adjusts to changes in the planning, it makes it easy for the users to find products that are available during the period they are working on.

automatically updated with every change in the schedule

For rights managers, the Available Rights Catalogue service will automatically generate and update available rights as work progresses in WHATS’ON. In case of urgent changes to the contract, the rights manager can also manually generate the available rights.

Long- and short-term schedulers can open the Available Rights Catalogue from their schedule and fill in gaps by specifying search criteria such as title, product category (e.g. blockbusters) and duration.

They only need to drag the chosen available right from the catalogue to the schedule.

Physical stock managers will typically open the available rights catalogue from the WHATS’ON launcher, for instance to respond to a request for the inventory of available rights for all channels, for specific channels and/or specific periods.

The available rights catalogue opens as a browser where you can fill in search criteria relating to channels, rights (start and end date, right type, Has/has not linked costs, …) and content (category, duration, title, …).

A search opens a list in which each line is an available right, providing information such as title, run type, run number, channel group, validity period, has/has not linked costs, estimated cost, right type (linear/on demand), …

The product inspector gadget allows to consult even more properties, such as media asset information, content- and contract-related information….

Clicking an available right opens the contract navigator in a filtered view (showing only the selected contract entry). Content can be opened directly from this view.

Just drag the right to the schedule

The Available Rights Catalogue makes it easy and efficient to plan content based on its availability according to the exploitation rights. Users only need to drag the chosen available right from the catalogue to the schedule.