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Gabriel Hahmann: “Operational efficiency and cost optimization are key in Latin America.”

Monday October 4th, 2021

Watch the Produ interview with Gabriel Hahmann (in Spanish). MEDIAGENIX recently strengthened its presence in Latin America with the appointment of Gabriel Hahmann as Senior Business Development Director for the region.

In this interview Gabriel Hahmann highlights the operational efficiency and cost optimization provided by the MEDIAGENIX Business Management Platform, WHATS’ON:

“With WHATS’ON we assist more than 130 media groups around the world supporting their entire content supply chain and optimizing their programming. This allows our clients to strengthen the relationship with their audiences, and optimize the return on their investments based on three pillars: a single source of truth, touchless operations, and actionable data.”

“Although we are a global company, we have a regional and multicultural focus and presence. Our platform is multilanguage to support different markets and clients. PrendeTV, for instance, uses WHATS’ON to manage its service dedicated to the Spanish-speaking public in the US. We can support both very large media groups and small clients, ranging from public broadcasters to pure OTT services. The system is very flexible.”

“Operational efficiency and cost optimization are key in Latin America. These are also the areas where WHATS’ON excels.”

“We want video service providers and broadcasters to understand these strengths of WHATS’ON and generate greater efficiencies in their operations. WHATS’ON is the ideal platform to support the planning, programming and management of their content in the grid.”

“With all the metadata, rights, obligations, and restrictions of the content and even the ratings on the same platform, our clients can have their schedules automatically prepared. They can generate the best efficiencies with an optimized cost-efficiency ratio.”


Also read the interview with Gabriel Hahmann in Prensario (in Spanish)


Next January, Gabriel Hahmann will celebrate 20 years in the Latin American media industry. “I started as an Ibero-American multiplatform operator, going through everything regarding media security and anti-piracy. I joined MEDIAGENIX to be closer to the content and help customers create memorable experiences for their audiences. I have seen so many changes and innovations in this industry. This is really exciting.
From the very beginning, MEDIAGENIX struck me as a very agile and flexible company, with a unique capacity for co-creation with the clients. I had not witnessed something like this in the industry before. It’s like a 30-year-old startup. At MEDIAGENIX we can change the way broadcasters and operators interact with their audiences, by delivering a solution —WHATS’ON—that allows them to optimize the return on their investment in content, based on three main pillars: a single source of truth, touchless operations and actionable data.
As first steps, my goal is to make our brand known, acquaint media companies with the financial and operational benefits WHATS’ON can bring, as well as strengthen existing relationships. WHATS’ON is a very powerful and flexible solution. Large global and regional groups already use it, and we want other groups in the region to benefit from it as well. That is why we are preparing a very educational plan with webinars about industry best practices, as well as with advertising material focused on the region.”


Gabriel Hahmann

Senior Business Development Manager Latin America

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Gabriel Hahmann: "Operational efficiency and cost optimization are key in Latin America."


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