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Keeping rights relevant today and tomorrow

- Tom Donoghue

Interview with Tom Donoghue, Business Development Manager MEDIAGENIX, by Jim Bottoms, Director MESA Europe, at the MESA Content Rights Workshop in London.

Joe Fregoso speaks at Nextv Series Argentina

- Joe Fregoso

At the Nextv Series Argentina event in Buenos Aires (14-15 May) Joe Fregoso, MEDIAGENIX Business Development Director Americas, was on the ‘OTT and the future of FTA TV’ panel discussing the convergence of linear and nonlinear.

How to grow across diversity on the APAC video market

- Johan Vanmarcke

On 7 and 8 May Johan Vanmarcke, Managing Director MEDIAGENIX APAC, attended Video Exchange Asia in Bangkok where OTT, broadcaster and telco leaders analysed the business of video in APAC’s diverse ecosystem, identified business critical industry shifts, and discussed strategies for the future.

With a strong backbone, broadcasters can reach the most elusive viewers


Faced with accelerated change and growing complexities across OTT, DTC, On Demand and Linear services, media companies go for flexibility and efficiency in their content ecosystem relying on a future-proof backbone. Strengthening that operational backbone allows them to reach for new business models. This is what MEDIAGENIX take away from years of intensive co-creation with a world-spanning customer community. 

Mireille Coudron in HR Square: “We question ourselves from Sociocracy principles”

- Mireille Coudron

Interview in HR Square 189, April 2019, written by Timothy Vermeir, pictures by Hendrik De Schrijver Translated extract: “MEDIAGENIX has long been a company where everybody gets involved in everything, the knowledge resides in people’s heads and decisions are made around the kitchen table so to speak. But with time we had kitchen tables in several parts of the world,…