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Arnaud Simon - CEO and founder – In&Out Stories

Arnaud Simon: “Go Direct to Fan.”

- Arnaud Simon

What added value can sports organisations offer the viewer? What is their reality on their side of the media spectrum? MEDIAGENIX interviewed Arnaud Simon, CEO and founder of In&Out Stories about helping sports organisations act as media groups.

MEDIAGENIX fastest growing large company in Vlaams-Brabant

- Picture by courtesy of Trends

On the occasion of MEDIAGENIX being awarded the title of "Trends Gazellen Ambassador 2020'' as strongest growing large company in the Belgian province of Vlaams-Brabant meeting the criteria, the organizing business magazine Trends-Tendances published an article about MEDIAGENIX and our remarkable rise to world leadership.
Fabrice Maquignon & Dirk Debraekeleer

MEDIAGENIX appoints new CEO Fabrice Maquignon to secure global leadership

- Fabrice Maquignon

Fabrice Maquignon becomes the new CEO, which allows his predecessor Dirk Debraekeleer to focus on strategy. As the media landscape is rapidly evolving on a global scale, MEDIAGENIX dynamically adapts to changes by making some shifts in its management to encourage further growth as a global organization. At the same time the state-of-the-art WHATS’ON platform is already anticipating the new reality in the international media industry.

How to reinvent your content ecosystem


Faced with accelerated change and growing complexities across OTT (over-the-lop), DTC (direct to consumer), on-demand and linear services, media companies are going for flexibility and efficiency in their content ecosystem, relying on a future­proof backbone.

The challenges of entering the OTT space


Interview by Kurt Michel with Joe Fregoso,  MEDIAGENIX Director of Business Development, Americas as published in OTT Executive Magazine, Volume 9, Issue 3 – Summer 2019