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MEDIAGENIX fastest growing large company in Vlaams-Brabant

- Picture by courtesy of Trends

On the occasion of MEDIAGENIX being awarded the title of "Trends Gazellen Ambassador 2020'' as strongest growing large company in the Belgian province of Vlaams-Brabant meeting the criteria, the organizing business magazine Trends-Tendances published an article about MEDIAGENIX and our remarkable rise to world leadership.
Fabrice Maquignon & Dirk Debraekeleer

MEDIAGENIX appoints new CEO Fabrice Maquignon to secure global leadership

- Fabrice Maquignon

Fabrice Maquignon becomes the new CEO, which allows his predecessor Dirk Debraekeleer to focus on strategy. As the media landscape is rapidly evolving on a global scale, MEDIAGENIX dynamically adapts to changes by making some shifts in its management to encourage further growth as a global organization. At the same time the state-of-the-art WHATS’ON platform is already anticipating the new reality in the international media industry.