Why we should meet

Streamline your content scheduling and rights management workflows for OTT/VOD/DTC/Linear

Meet us at Media+ Entertainment Tech Expo 2019 (ICC Sydney, Darling Harbour) and discover how you can drive efficiencies across countless workflows with a single content-centric system. Manage your content supply chain from acquisition and scheduling to distribution across all your services (EST, TVOD, SVOD, pay TV, Free TV).

  • gain real-time insight into what content you have available (avails);
  • schedule your content seamlessly across all linear, catch-up and on-demand/OTT services;
  • reduce manual operations and maintain the highest efficiency;
  • get to grips with the complex underlying rights and restrictions, royalties & participations … ;
  • define and automate complex revenue share calculations across various business models;
  • tackle today’s complexity with powerful rights and media management functionality (including rights out);
  • optimize the life cycle of your content across platforms (including linear and catch-up);
  • rely on real-time information to make strategic decisions;
  • monetize your sports rights effectively incorporating your scheduling rights, obligations and exceptions;
  • support content curation by pre-defining the programme categories (nodes).

In other words: if you want to get the most value out of your content with streamlined workflows and informed decisions, let’s talk.


Sydney, July 17-19,  2019

Please select your preferred moment and we will confirm the booking as soon as possible. For any questions call +32 2 467 34 30 or mail to asia@mediagenix.sg. Confidentiality is ensured.

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