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Wednesday November 17th, 2021

Setting a new standard for a lean content supply chain


Brussels, 17 November 2021 – MEDIAGENIX adds a new dimension to its Media Business Management Platform WHATS’ON with the launch of WHATS’ON HIVE, a modular cloud platform that seamlessly expands the rich WHATS’ON ecosystem. 

In webinars and remote meetings organized on request from Studio M, MEDIAGENIX will showcase a lean content supply chain that elegantly connects strategic, planning and execution workflows around one source-of-truth by leveraging a series of new WHATS’ON HIVE products.

MEDIAGENIX also launches the “FFWD to Data Value” programme, connecting data assets across the content supply chain to fast-track advanced BI and AI capabilities that visualize and optimize content ROI.


“Media networks can improve business and operational efficiency by 20 to 80% with a lean content supply chain,” says Ivan Verbesselt, Chief Product & Marketing Officer for MEDIAGENIX. “Such efficiency gains are predicated on collaborative workflows spanning the entire content supply chain at strategic, planning and execution levels and revolving around three core principles: one source-of-truth, touchless operations, and actionable content intelligence.”

Lean Content Supply Chain

In Media Business Management Platform WHATS’ON, unified workflows around content, rights and planning make for a lean end-to-end content supply chain that reduces both operational costs and hidden supply chain waste while maximizing Content ROI.

New WHATS’ON products and workflows drive business performance on four levels: multi-platform operational efficiency, cross-functional collaboration, audience engagement and content monetization.

One Source of Truth

With the enhanced WHATS’ON collaborative workflows all departments work in perfect sync as real-time data is put at the centre of the ecosystem, driving operations and decisions around a single source-of-truth.

WHATS’ON thus elegantly connects the strategic, planning and execution workflows to eliminate repetitive, time-consuming and error-prone processes, reduce waiting times and processing complexity, and enable management-by-exception.


Leveraging three decades of continuous development, WHATS’ON has earned a strong reputation for its functional depth and open architecture, fostering smooth integrations into any media ecosystem.

The new WHATS’ON HIVE platform now seamlessly expands the core principles of WHATS’ON in the cloud by streamlining all workflows even more elegantly into one shared and controlled process governed by continuous deployment, helping media companies to be even more agile in view of increasing content costs and continuously shifting viewer demand.

Ivan Verbesselt: “A lean content supply chain lays the foundation to actively drive content ROI and lifetime value of content. WHATS’ON enables this through agile windowing and publishing across multiple platforms as well as smart content curation to drive engagement and discoverability. With WHATS’ON HIVE we take this agility a big step further.”

MEDIAGENIX will showcase a lean content supply chain that elegantly connects strategic, planning and execution workflows by leveraging a series of new WHATS’ON HIVE products, including:

  • WHATS’ON Content Cockpit, visualizing content ROI by providing real-time intelligence on content performance and audience engagement.
  • WHATS’ON Strategic Planning, facilitating the long-term allocation of content across platforms to match supply and demand.
  • WHATS’ON Content Curator, tuning on-demand prominence and discoverability to drive audience engagement and monetization.
  • WHATS’ON Metadata portal, facilitating collaborative enrichment and leveraging automated ingestion from internet platforms.
  • WHATS’ON ARTIST, the suite of augmented intelligence solutions facilitating ratings-optimized automated scheduling.
  • WHATS’ON Marketplace, leveraging the agility of online marketplaces to sell and acquire content.

Fast Forward to Data Value

MEDIAGENIX is also launching two solutions that will support media companies to avoid data fragmentation and to boost the time-to-value of data investments:

  • MEDIAGENIX PRISM, a Data-Platform-as-a-service that enriches data assets from WHATS’ON with 3rd party, in-house and open data sources.
  • MEDIAGENIX SPECTRUM, a service fast-tracking a Proof-of-Value for BI and AI applications that visualize and optimize content ROI.


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New standard for a lean content supply chain

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