Jul 08

MEDIAGENIX joins United Nations Global Compact

Wednesday July 8th, 2020

MEDIAGENIX has signed the United Nations Global Compact. This international commitment to 10 principles in the fundamental areas of Human Rights, Labour, Environment, and Anti-corruption encourages organizations and companies worldwide to implement a sustainable and socially responsible policy and to report on its implementation.

With our adherence to the Global Compact principles , we want to show our clients, partners, prospects and the whole industry that we take Corporate Social Responsibility at heart and that it belongs to our long-term sustainability strategy. These principles provide us with guidance to operate responsibly and take actions that support our society.

For MEDIAGENIX, Corporate Social Responsibility means that we manage the direct and indirect impact of our business in a responsible way. We aim to increase our positive impact on society, supporting the transition towards a sustainable economy with a focus on Human Rights, Labour, Anti-Corruption, and Environment.

Early next year we commit to filing a ‘Communication on Progress’ outlining our efforts. We specifically developed an approach to counter challenges in these domains and we will implement dedicated initiatives promoting responsibility in each of them.

  • Human Rights: MEDIAGENIX wants to provide a framework to its suppliers because it believes Corporate Social Responsibility and the principles of the UN Global Compact can add strength to its suppliers.
  • Labour: as MEDIAGENIX is growing globally, we want to make sure the needs of all our employees are met on different levels.
  • Anti-corruption: MEDIAGENIX believes in fair and honest business and provides a framework to its stakeholder on different levels.
  • Environment: Climate change is not something we take lightly. We are ambitious in our contribution and want to minimize any adverse impact. For example, we are rethinking our waste management and our commutes as well as making sure that our employees work in a healthy and safe environment.

With the Global Compact logo, we show clients, partners, prospects and the whole industry our commitment to corporate responsibility.

LOGO - We Support : UN Global Compact


For more information, contact Elke Pardon, MEDIAGENIX Legal & HR Support Coordinator: elke.pardon@mediagenix.tv


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