Nov 13

MEDIAGENIX information security ISO certified

Tuesday November 13th, 2018

A proud moment at the start of MEDIAGENIX User Advisory Board 2018. On 8 November Annemie Valkeneers of DQS officially handed the ISO 27001 certificate to our CIO Henk Schets in the presence of our customers.

This certificate shows everyone that we have been thoroughly audited by an independent, internationally recognised organisation (ISO). More importantly, it proves that we meet the strict requirements of a worldwide recognised standard and that we have an effective information security management system in place. This gives our customers and indeed all stakeholders added confidence, and provides us with an extra competitive advantage.


“We took GDPR compliance in our stride.”


MEDIAGENIX CIO Henk Schets: “Times have changed. Whereas five years ago, information security was still something for the cautious few, nowadays all customers and prospects are asking how we are securing our and their data in WHATS’ON, our applications and the organisation as a whole. It has even become a standard item in Requests for Proposals.
We beat the deadline for this far-reaching project by more than two months. What is more, in May we took the whole GDPR compliance in our stride.”

All along the project, the MEDIAGENIX Information Security Team kept everyone informed, on track and moving forward. But the whole MEDIAGENIX team can be proud. One ISO auditor said: “People at MEDIAGENIX are clearly security aware. They are conscious about the dangers and want to do their bit in precluding them.”

There is only one thing left to do now and that is … to keep improving. Security is an ongoing process.

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