Feb 13

MEDIAGENIX fastest growing large company in Vlaams-Brabant

Thursday February 13th, 2020

“We are the SAP of the broadcasting industry.”

On the occasion of MEDIAGENIX being awarded the title of  “Trends Gazellen Ambassador 2020” as strongest growing large company in the Belgian province of Vlaams-Brabant meeting the criteria, the organizing business magazine Trends-Tendances published an article about MEDIAGENIX and our remarkable rise to world leadership. The article is in Dutch, but here are a few excerpts we translated for you into English.

  • Three years ago, management made an ambitious strategic choice: to grow from local player to world leadership. This is succeeding rather well. With customers in Europe, the Middle East, the United States, Southeast Asia, Latin America and Oceania, MEDIAGENIX can already call itself a leading player. CEO Dirk Debraekeleer: “There is still a lot of growth potential in all these markets, but we are also looking at opportunities in the rest of Asia, Russia and even certain regions in Africa”.
  • In the meantime MEDIAGENIX has opened up its technological platform, while adding ever more functionality  and making use of new technologies such as artificial intelligence.
  • The steep rise of diverse on-demand video services has made it far more complex to manage radio, television and online content channels, if only because of the complexity of the rights. WHATS’ON offers a flexible solution to this challenge. You could say WHATS’ON is the SAP of the broadcasting industry.
  • In order to respond even faster to the requirements of customers, MEDIAGENIX has grown into an international organization with offices in Brussels, Fort Lauderdale, Bangkok and Singapore.
  • Although 90 % of the turnover is realized abroad, software development will stay entirely in Belgium. To support its international growth MEDIAGENIX recruited 150 people in three years’ time, and now has a total headcount of 250 consisting of over 30 nationalities.
  • Helped by the attraction of its international stature and the highly dynamic market it operates in, MEDIAGENIX is constantly on the lookout for business consultants and software engineers.


Read the article in Trends-Tendances (in Dutch).

Picture by courtesy of Trends

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