Feb 09

MBC GROUP chooses WHATS’ON to manage On-Demand and Linear in unified process

Tuesday February 9th, 2021

MBC GROUP, the largest and leading media company in the Middle East & North Africa (MENA) region, has chosen WHATS’ON — the BMS by MEDIAGENIX — to replace their current Broadcast Management Systems and manage all their on-demand services and linear channels in a unified process.

Aus Alzubaidi, Senior Manager – Tech Ops at MBC GROUP commented: “After running multiple proof of concepts, we chose the WHATS’ON software package by MEDIAGENIX for our operations. MEDIAGENIX was able to demonstrate professionalism, competence, and profound understanding of our core business. They provide efficient solutions that best meet MBC GROUP’s needs.”

“MEDIAGENIX demonstrated profound understanding of our
core business.”

Aus Alzubaidi,
Senior Manager – Tech Ops

“We are extremely excited to be working with MBC GROUP”, said Tom Donoghue, MEDIAGENIX Business Development Manager. “After many trips to Dubai and an intensive ‘Proof of Concept’ phase lasting three weeks, we were confident that WHATS’ON and MEDIAGENIX had proven more than capable of being able to handle the exciting challenges that working with MBC will bring. We are very happy that MEDIAGENIX was selected as the preferred choice of MBC GROUP. We felt that during the bid process we had already developed a strong relationship with the experienced team at MBC GROUP and we look forward to our partnership together.”


As the largest and leading media company in MENA, MBC GROUP enriches people’s lives through information, interaction and entertainment. Today, MBC GROUP is home to over 20 leading TV channels covering the region and beyond with leading audience shares, as well as MBC STUDIOS, which specializes in producing the region’s most compelling premium content for cinema, television and on-demand platforms. MBC GROUP also runs Shahid, MENA’s leading Arabic-language streaming platform, in addition to its subscription-based premium service, Shahid VIP.


MEDIAGENIX develops and implements WHATS’ON, the most advanced platform for managing and programming online content services, and radio and TV channels. We deliver strategic, closed-loop orchestration of the content supply chain across Nonlinear and Linear, driving the customers’ back-office automation and enabling major efficiencies from acquisition, rights management, planning and multichannel/multiservice scheduling to publication and smart analytics. Our platform also integrates with best-of-breed niche applications to drive content/rights/media/EPG/finance workflows as a central system.

Our modular and scalable solution sits at the centre of future-proof media operation ecosystems. With more than 250 employees working from offices in Europe, America and Asia, we enable customers on all continents to strategically run a mix of OTT, VoD and Linear business. More than 120 media networks with thousands of channels and services worldwide work in co-creation with us as we constantly improve our software and innovate. This has put us among the top of tech vendors in the international media industry.


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MBC GROUP chooses WHATS’ON to manage On-Demand and Linear in unified process