Cloud Software Tester

Cloud Software Tester

Are you open to new technologies and eager to learn?

No new product version is released to the customer before you have quality tested it.

Our product never sleeps. Not only because it is being used 24/7 in every time zone but it is also developing continuously. It has to, if it is to remain the worldwide reference in its field, because in this fast-paced media world, the needs of tomorrow have to be met today.
We are continuously developing new features, new functionality, even completely new modules. These are bundled into three new product releases a year so that our customers don’t have to wait too long to enjoy the innovations, and upgrades don’t need to be brisk.
Every build of each of these releases goes through a thorough testing process with tens of thousands of automated tests that deal with all the repetitious tasks. But ultimately sharp human intelligence will decide: everything needs to pass your final quality control before the new version can be released to the customer.

MEDIAGENIX is rapidly evolving to a modular cloud-based service. For this exciting challenge, we are looking for experienced and talented software testers to join the product team in Brussels and propose new solutions to automate the tests.

How you ensure a flawless product

  • Does all the new functionality do what it is supposed to do? Is the logic sound? Is it user-friendly? You register and document all issues on the internal tracking system, and communicate your important findings directly to the product team so that things can be amended.
  • You coordinate the testing activities of colleagues who are working on the current release, and make sure everybody knows exactly what is expected.
  • You are key to the continuous improvement of software testing, implementing improvements as to quality, effectivity and efficiency.
  • Customers can rely on your release notes, which clearly explain the workings and goal of every new feature.

How we support you

  • You will soon make your way here, thanks to our onboarding programme. It  focusses not only on the product and the media world, but also on our company, mission, vision and values.
  • After the initial training period you will know the ins and outs of the product and be fully prepared to autonomously carry out and coordinate tests. But you can always fall back on coaching and training (whether or not in-house).
  • You have a say, and enjoy freedom and responsibilities in the company and your function.
  • As we also attach great importance to a sound work-life balance, you get extra days off, flexitime, and every opportunity to take part in recreational activities with colleagues, in-house or elsewhere.
  • Groot-Bijgaarden is where you will be working most of the time, but you can also make use of our satellite offices near Ghent, Leuven and Antwerp.
  • Count on a comprehensive remuneration package.

Our wish list

  • You hold a bachelor/master’s degree and have experience in software testing.
  • We would describe you as someone who always works result oriented, with the customer in mind. The fact that you are multitasking does not affect your accuracy and your structured way of thinking.
  • Your sharp eye for detail does not distract you from the big picture and your sound judgement guides you when assessing workloads and feasibility, setting priorities or weighing the impact of bugs.
  • You communicate clearly in English, often remotely with colleagues in Skopje, and even though in your line of work it is mostly about issues, it’s always with a positive twist. Your written English is also good enough to produce releases notes that can be shared with our customers.
  • You are experienced in cloud applications testing and automation
  • You can write some code/scripts or are willing to learn


When you are enjoying content on TV, radio, smartphone, tablet or PC, you are also watching the works of the team that helps put that content right there. The mission of this awesome tribe is to enable renowned media companies worldwide to bring content to the viewer in the most efficient and future-proof way.

Our customers include public and commercial radio and TV stations, on-demand platforms, OTT streamers, telcos and their service providers.  BBC, Discovery, Disney, Viacom, … they all go for growth in this excitingly fast-paced media world.

To help them grow, we deliver innovative software solutions—on premise or web-based in the cloud—that optimise the life cycle of their content across channels and services. These modular solutions constitute the most advanced and efficient backbone for media operations, streamlining the content supply chain from acquisition over planning, scheduling and rights management to publication and beyond.

The state-of-the-art technologies we use, our agile development methodologies, the transparent way in which we collaborate as a team, and the inspiring co-creation with our customers have taken us to the top of tech vendors in the international media world. Join us on this magnificent journey.



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