Oct 24

“It is telling that Disney invests 22 billion dollars a year in content creation.”

Thursday October 24th, 2019

Bloovi interview with MEDIAGENIX CEO Dirk Debraekeleer.

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Here are a few excerpts:

Amid a media landscape that is rapidly evolving on a global scale, MEDIAGENIX has come forward as a solid global player with a remarkable growth story. That their customer community includes names such as Disney, Viacom, Al Jazeera and BBC is greatly due to the fact that they were quick to see new possibilities in video on demand and other alternatives for analog viewing.

About the differences across continents, Dirk Debraekeleer comments: “Differences are mainly in the content itself and in the way in which companies solve their back-office problems. For instance, Europa goes for IT and innovation, simply because it is necessary: everything needs to be more efficient because the talent is leaving. In Asia that problem is far less pronounced.”

About increasing complexities: “Nowadays there is so much content on so many platforms, that complexity is rampant not only in terms of quantity, but also because of the innumerable content rights. Our challenge is to keep the broadcaster’s back-office workflows efficient and robust. And we succeed, I might add.”

About the content-centric view: “Companies increasingly evolve to hybrid models that encompass linear, digital and online,  and in which content is more than ever king. Today, if you have content, you can offer it direct to consumer and skip several intermediate channels. This opens up gigantic opportunities in terms of reach, provided your content is appealing. Creativity remains a must, which is reassuring.”

And about further durable growth: “We need to address the global market and aspire to becoming an international market leader. In the meantime we need to keep optimizing our platform WHATS’ON while remaining an organization where everyone shares the same passion, good arrangements are made, and each person in the team can have impact.”


Dirk Debraekeleer


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