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We have so much exciting news to share with you! It would have been a blast to tell you all about it in person at IBC 2021 in Amsterdam, but meeting you during our ”Virtual Week from Studio M” — from 6 to 10 December 2021 — will also be a delight. So do not hesitate to book a remote meeting or demo. We will be happy to talk about your goals and challenges.

Why we should talk

World-renowned media companies use WHATS’ON to streamline connective and collaborative content, rights and planning workflows that are unified for VOD and Linear across a lean content supply chain. That is how they contain costs, engage their audiences, and maximize their content ROI.

We now add a new dimension with the launch of WHATS’ON HIVE, a modular cloud platform that seamlessly expands the rich WHATS’ON ecosystem.  We will showcase a lean content supply chain that elegantly connects strategic, planning and execution workflows around one source-of-truth by leveraging a series of new WHATS’ON HIVE products.

We also launch the “FFWD to Data Value” programme, connecting data assets across the content supply chain to fast-track advanced BI and AI capabilities that visualize and optimize content ROI.


WHATS’ON supports your content supply chain


Maximize operational efficiency through:

  • Touchless operations
  • Actionable content intelligence
  • Collaborative workflows, unified for VOD and Linear
  • Seamless integration across existing systems


Provide a dynamic and targeted viewing experience across all platforms with:

  • Smart content promotion
  • On-demand curation
  • AI-driven scheduling


Monetize your content to the max:

  • Unlock the dormant capital in your catalogue
  • Expand your channels, platforms and markets without operational constraints

MEDIAGENIX AND WHATS’ON: 100 % project success rate


We make your life easier

5 key benefits

  1. Rely on software-driven and collaborative workflows across the content supply chain (from acquisition, rights management, strategic planning, multichannel linear scheduling and multiplatform VOD publication, to smart analytics, content sales and beyond)
  2. Generate significant cost savings through centralized data and operational synergies
  3. Develop the agility to expand to new platforms, channels, markets and business models
  4. Choose on-prem, hybrid or fully managed deployment
  5. Integrate seamlessly across existing systems

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