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Catching the elusive viewer amid sweeping changes

Sunday September 15th, 2019

By Johan Vanmarcke, Managing Director MEDIAGENIX APAC

As published in InBroadcast, August 2019, issue 7, p. 38

MEDIAGENIX helps media companies reinvent their business and content ecosystem, writes Johan Vanmarcke, Managing Director MEDIAGENIX APAC.

Faced with accelerated change and growing complexities across OTT, DTC, On Demand and Linear services, media companies go for flexibility and efficiency in their content ecosystem relying on a future-proof backbone that gives them the speed and flexibility to adopt new business models and reach the most elusive viewers.

The industry is moving on at white­knuckle speed. Media companies are repositioning themselves, exploring new models such as integrating video, audio and print, DTC, starting up consortiums to kill the ‘Flixes’ or gearing up to join them.

Business software and the IT industry itself are undergoing major changes. Cloud services, browser-based applications. a continued need for applications, a continued need for new (micro) services and support for global organisations are but a few of the ingredients that spice up the life of software solution suppliers such as MEDIAGENIX.

Managing Complexity

Viewers increasingly turn to the Internet where social media and OTT services are prolific in offering a wide range of content. This prompts media companies to take a closer look at the content they can offer. What rights do they have on the content? What distribution platforms are available and through which technique can they best serve their business goals with each title? Any media company that publish their content on diverse platforms have seen the complexity of their content distribution grow exponentially. Blockbusters, vintage series and movies, gameshows and soaps, old content or new – all require a different approach, which always needs to ensure the highest operational efficiency, immediate insight into availabilities, and instant information to make strategic decisions.

Underlying Rights

To be able to repurpose content, slice and dice and recompose it, put it on an on-demand platform, or stream it. media companies need to know whether there is some restriction on some part of the content, a royalty contract attached to some other part, or an issue on some music track. And they need to be sure that such parts of the content are not reused.

WHATS’ON by MEDIAGENIX provides the much-needed overviews and flags possible issues, taking real-time accuracy to frame-level. once entered, information can be reused all along the product’s life cycle and everybody in every department is working on the same, real-time data.

Royalties And Participations

Calculations for royalties and participations have grown highly complex. Millions of consumption records a month need to be digested for intricate revenue share calculations if distributors, platforms and talent are to get what is theirs by right. This involves countless beneficiaries and revenue split models. WHATS’ON automatically applies calculations to a series of preset rules, which results in a month-by-month view on the amounts the different parties are supposed to get. There is a distributor view per title, another is the platform view. Reports another is the platform view. Reports are easily made.


In the meantime the presence of the FAANGs {Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google) is pushing media companies to produce more exclusive content than ever. This comes with a cost that has to be balanced with new revenues. Licensing the rights for other countries, markets or platforms to third parties is one of the viable options.

RIGHTS OUT, the cloud-native web app by MEDIAGENIX, makes it easy to identify sales opportunities and clear the rights. lt covers the whole rights-out process including sales planification, orchestration and task follow-up, deal support, and revenue distribution management.

Sports and eSports

MEDIAGENIX also have developed a solution for Sports, eSports and live events in general to meet very specific challenges and complexities. The solution automatically conforms all scheduling to the applicable rights, obligations and exceptions and facilitates last-minute changes. lt also sees to it that feed, commentary and resource requirements are met for live coverage, recorded highlights and studio shows. The solution centrally manages metadata from specialised online databases.


MAMs. Playouts and Airtime Sales Systems are moving to the cloud. A similar trend emerges to centralise all content ever produced or bought in a global content management system in the cloud, ready to be shared by channels and platforms across the globe. As the media assets in WHATS’ON each contain all video, audio and subtitle files for one item of content, the content can be shared by all channels in whichever regions, and each channel automatically receives the content in the right (language) version.


With globalisation comes the need for efficiency in localisation. MEDIAGENIX help to automate the localisation supply chain, reducing errors and duplication. lmproved monitoring and higher efficiency leads to better quality and an improved experience for both the media company’s workforce and the language houses involved. The bulk of the language material is ordered automatically, the rest is management by exception.

Open Architecture

As this content-centric era is one of perpetual permutation MEDIAGENIX help media companies reinvent their business and content ecosystem around a future-proof backbone that with its open architecture and Open or Business APls offers all the flexibility this age requires.

Broadcast Management Platform WHATS’ON manages the content supply chain from planning to distribution. The solution can either support their entire workflow, or operate as a central system driving content, rights, media, EPG, or finance workflows complemented with niche applications.

The result is that amid rapid change and growing complexity, media companies can efficiently run and adjust their business mix to reach the most elusive viewers.

For more information visit MEDIAGENIX at IBC Amsterdam stand 3.C59 (Hall 3) or mail to: welcome@ ■


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