Streamline multiplatform content workflows end to end with a single source of truth

Think about it: your editorial, planning, scheduling, sales, marketing and material handling staff using one integrated system throughout the entire content supply chain from production or content acquisition to scheduling and delivery across VOD and linear channels (whether broadcasted or streamed OTT /DTC), including press communication and smart analytics. With everyone working with one single source of truth you will attain unprecedented levels of accuracy and efficiency.

So what in particular can our solutions do for you?

You can have your content automatically scheduled on the VOD platforms and services of your choice according to the applicable rights and restrictions and your business rules. Or you can decide for yourself where and when you publish content, backed up by rights verification.

In any case, easily manage the complex multiformat VOD workflow end to end, and publish the right versions and formats to the right publication systems.

In WHATS’ON you can also manage linear channels with basically the same tools on the same screens, with the added advantage that you can have your linear schedules automatically drive your catch-up and preview services.

About the WHATS’ON solution for VOD Scheduling

One system can manage the workflow for all your linear channels end to end, from the creation of the strategic master plan with possible scenarios, over the chosen transmission plan with time slots for programmes, series, trailers, promotions, branding and commercials, right down to the fully fledged playlist complete with secondary events and graphics. Information is exchanged with  the other systems and the final schedule is communicated to the viewer or to the websites and magazines. After transmission, your calculations and reports are based on the actually transmitted schedule.

In WHATS’ON you can also manage VOD services with basically the same tools on the same screens, with the added advantage that you can have your linear schedules automatically drive your catch-up and preview services.

About the WHATS’ON solution for Linear Scheduling

Content rights are so complex nowadays that you may lose track of it all, leaving money on the table.

With WHATS’ON you maintain a wide range of information from the very start—supporting the acquisition of rights and the creation of the contract or the commissioning process—right down to selling your rights.  You easily manage and verify complex linear and non-linear rights and monitor the consistency between your schedules and the licenses and business rules. With our granular rights management you effortlessly deal with underlying rights, royalties and revenue shares.

You can set up amortization rules, and create multicurrency payment schedules.

When taking decisions affecting long-term planning, acquisitions or productions, management will want to do that on the basis of a proper trend analysis of stock use in the past. Also, at the end of a financial period (month, six months…) a company is obliged to review its financial status.

With WHATS’ON you know the value of schedule and stock at any moment in the past, present and future, and you can provide accurate reports for reviews, monthly closings, stock trend analysis and informed management decisions. Finally, you can calculate the achieved ROI on different levels (transmission, day, channel, contract …).

About the WHATS’ON solution for Rights and Finance Management

When you are juggling with multiple formats and different video, audio or subtitling versions to schedule your content on diverse publication systems in diverse countries, more automation is your salvation.

For VOD, get the drag and struggle out of the complex process of having every piece of content prepared and sent to the transcoding farms to be rendered into one file—complete with promotions, branding and commercials (if any)—that  has the correct format for the diverse platforms on which you want to have your content published. Be in control of the whole process end to end, and have the files sent to the respective publication systems with descriptive data about when and where the content should be made available.

For linear channels,  WHATS’ON supports any number of video, audio and subtitling components for the same product. Fully aligned with the current MAM systems, WHATS’ON interfaces with these systems to integrate the file-based workflow (ingest requests, automatic status updates).

About the WHATS’ON solution for Material Management

With stiff competition and an increasingly fragmented viewing audience, it is key to inform your target audience about your content and draw attention to important transmissions. To reach that audience, it will no longer do to plan promos on an ad hoc basis.

That is why WHATS’ON provides the tools for campaign style planning of promos in a cross-channel and multimedia environment. With WHATS’ON you can schedule promos—automatically, manually or combined— based on predicted ratings and campaign targets, and in line with regulations and context-sensitive restrictions. You can monitor and optimise campaign performance up to the last minute. WHATS’ON integrates the entire workflow from defining the targets up to production, campaign scheduling, publication and analysis.

You can have WHATS’ON warn you  whenever your VOD or Linear content is scheduled in conflict with any applicable parental guidance rules (Compliance). The lenience with which content is viewed in terms of mature content, can vary greatly from region to region, and between different channels and platforms. Also, WHATS’ON will ensure your scheduling observes licence conditions and government regulations.

About the WHATS’ON solution for Promotions and Interstitials, and for Compliance and Regulations

Importing and exporting information is key to good integration between systems and efficient company-wide processes. As systems change faster than ever, we believe you should be able to easily set up bidirectional interfaces with minimal intervention from MEDIAGENIX. Our standard business APIs open up the WHATS’ON modules (MAM, Content, Scheduling, Rights…) to different external systems.

The workflow engine with its graphical designer enables you to easily set up, maintain and monitor numerous workflows that involve multiple departments and multiple systems. You can autonomously adapt these workflows to changing needs. Monitoring is greatly facilitated by the visual representation of the workflow statuses and blocking issues.

About the WHATS’ON  solution for Integration and Workflows

To allow you to calculate and report on statistics or on any kind of information, WHATS’ON offers a comprehensive set of reporting tools, as well as integration with BI tools.

Reporting can be automated, grouped and scheduled, with e-mail integration.

You can measure, monitor and report on content volumes and durations in linear and on-demand schedules to comply with legal, regulatory (quota) or management criteria. You can act on targets rather than react on error reporting, and as you can predict the final values, you needn’t ‘overshoot’ just to be sure. Automatic music and copyright reporting can be tuned to country-specific conventions.

About the WHATS’ON solution for Reporting

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