Oct 25

A+E/SDI localisation project yields 75% decrease in late deliveries

Friday October 25th, 2019

The results of a recent review carried out by A+E Networks with their localisation vendor SDI reportedly show a 75% decrease year on year in ‘Late Deliveries’. A+E put the savings down to their ability to manage by exception their localisation process in Broadcast Management Platform WHATS’ON and the automated interface between WHATS’ON and SDI.

During the implementation of WHATS’ON at A+E (History Channel) last year, the broadcaster took the opportunity to overhaul their localisation workflow and, where possible, automate the supply chain with their localisation vendor(s), with a view to reducing errors and duplication, and increasing efficiency, creating space for increased monitoring and leading to better quality and an improved experience for the Language House(s) concerned as well as their internal workforce.

Some of the benefits realised across all stakeholders included a large reduction in emails and manual tracking, elimination of most spreadsheets, proactive missing lists made possible by real time status, the creation of a reliable workflow that gives predictable forecasts, and as recent results show, a huge reduction in rush charges.


Read the article about the localisation project at A+E’s History Channel.




Bar chart and figures by courtesy of SDI

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